Manufacturing Operator/ Assembler

Role Description:

Manufacture of EWIS products to quality and delivery objectives.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Manufacture to the detailed Job Assembly Plans (JAP), following manufacturing instructions to the dot.
  • Preparation, layup, crimping, soldering, splicing, hermetically sealing (potting), sleeving, printing, connectorization, for simple to complex electrical wiring and panel assemblies
  • Assemble and self-inspect the products as per Built to Print (BTP) assembly data, using the right tools, specifications and process
  • Complete the ERP / MRP transactions in real time as per the job route plans
  • Maintain digital evidence of the products specific to each step of operations (video / pictures)
  • Maintain tools, equipment and measuring instruments in order, ensure usability and calibration expiration (FOD free, 5S environment)
  • Identify, segregate and report non-conformances / discrepancies on parts and products during verification of kits prior to assembly.
  • Actively participate in functional and cross functional discussions related to product and process non-conformances
  • Identify, plan and implement process improvements (Kaizen)
  • Responsible for adhering to  the safety requirements specific to operations and ensure zero safety related incidents. Adhere to environment and organisational safety standards.


Educational Qualification:

Diploma in Electrical/Electronics/Mechatronics


Work Experience:

  • 2 – 5 years of experience in EWIS manufacturing industry with proficiency in associated manufacturing processes.
  • Knowledge of wire harness components and manufacturing process used in the EWIS Industry, including tools, jigs and rigs. Expertise of in-process inspection.
  • IPC-WHMA-620, IPC J STD 001 Certification