Comprehensive expertise in wire harness solutions, including engineering and manufacturing, for the aerospace and defense sector, with a wide variety and complexity of power, RF, control, data, signal harnesses and more. In-depth expertise in 3D modelling and 2D rendering of the harnesses. Choice of form boards or jig boards with hi-fidelity manufacture.

Rossell Wiring and Interconnect solutions are on a number of rotary and fixed wing military platforms, weapon systems, such as the F/A -18, F-15, CH-47, V-22, AH-64, P8*, KC-46, F-16, T-7-A, C130J, Arrowhead etc. In addition, a number of interconnect solutions to Indian customers have been provided. The Interconnect solutions are categorized as simple, medium and complex and include number or processes such as laser UV marking, sleeve marking, machine braiding, chemical etching in vacuum, potting and encapsulation, elevated temperature curing, UV curing, injection molding, over braiding, and a host of custom specific processes. Wire harnesses include coaxial, triaxial, and quadraxial RF connectors, MIL STD circular connectors, MIL STD D sub connectors, Micro-D sub connectors, Mighty Mouse connectors, Arinc connectors, Hermetically sealed filter connectors, Wafer connectors etc. and a range and variety of wires which include but is not limited to RF Cables, Signal cables with single core and multicore twisted pair, shielded, unshielded and jacketed, power cables ranging from AWG 0 to AWG 36, Thermocouple cables and specialty cables for harsh environment. Jigs, Rigs and tooling are designed in-house and supported by ecosystem partners for manufacturing of such tooling needs. Multiple automatic wire harness testers, power tools, pneumatic tools and hand operated tools are used. Rossell has DPD / MBD approval from its customers and tools used are CATIA, Solidworks, NX, Zuken E3.

Rossell also executes EWIS installations at customer designated onsite locations. Some of our global customers are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, FZ, Tata, Spherea, Indian Air Force, HAL, BEL, DRDO and more.

Specialists in design, development, engineering, prototyping, testing, integration, installation, commissioning, repair, upgrades and maintenance till end of life, for aerospace and defense electronic systems. This includes hardware, software, firmware, systems engineering and more.

Rossell has expertise in building custom solutions for data acquisition and control, power management, signal conditioning interfaces and high fidelity processing, instrumentation, control systems, communication systems, and displays in aerospace and defense electronic systems. We have been delivering custom solutions to bespoke needs for single board, mezzanine board, chassis based, using standard or custom physical format up to 16 layers, rigid, semi-rigid or flexible PCBs, with stand-alone or integrated enclosures meeting a variety of standards. Micro-processors, Micro-controllers, with integrated peripherals, FPGAs, have been extensively used. Board level components of different pin-outs, packaging, suitable to the solution are used. The capability covers architecture, design, development, engineering, prototyping, testing, integration, installation, commissioning, repair, upgrades and maintenance till end of life and encompasses hardware, software, firmware, systems engineering and more. To complete the portfolio of capability, environment testing, systems qualifications and certifications, including up to safety of flight tests (SOFT) are undertaken. Third-party ecosystem partner companies are utilized for PCB manufacture and assembly and realization of mechanical parts under Rossell supervision. Products have been delivered to ADA, NAL, BEL, Indian Defense Forces, DIT-MCO and others. Design tools include Allegro Suite, XILINX developer studio, OrCAD Professional, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA and NX supported by a variety of hardware development tools such as Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and signal generators.

Rossell has capabilities in building a range of test systems and solutions, fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual test equipment in either standalone or integrated form or even turnkey solutions that include peripherals, systems, P&I, control systems, valves, actuators, metering etc. The expertise also includes integrating home grown custom solutions with “commercially-off-the-shelf” (COTS) products, systems and sub-systems, backed by home-grown skill in hardware, software, firmware, systems and Human machine interfaces (HMI). The preferred HMI too is National Instruments LabVIEW.

Applications in which Rossell has majorly contributed are in developing automated test solutions for the Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS) for India’s Fourth generation fighter aircraft (FGFA), the Tejas, upgradation and modernization of the automated test solution for the Jaguar DARIN III gyro system, a complete laboratory turnkey solution for testing the fuel flow amplifier for the Jaguar fighter aircraft, including fuel tank systems, P&I, actuators, valves, a semi-automatic test solution for testing the analog cards of the Tejas aircraft, and a range of automated test solutions for leading foreign OEM flight test instrumentation (FTI) for space and defence aerospace programs. The HMI was developed using National Instruments LabVIEW or using Microsoft technologies. Customers include ADA, BEL, HAL, Indian defense Forces.

Rossell has proven ability in providing comprehensive aftermarket services, either directly to end customers or provide support to global OEMs with an installed base in India. Some of the services provided include customer training, site surveys, site preparation, installation, testing and commissioning, spare parts coordination and liaison, single point of contact (SPOC) for end users, for and on behalf of global OEMs, laboratory set up, including infrastructure, “service level agreements” (SLA) based aftermarket services to global OEMs. Complementing these capabilities are in-depth expertise in systems, board or component level reverse engineering, alternate sourcing, product service life extensions (SLE’s), upgradation, indigenization, and modernization of existing equipment, either with OEM approval or end-customer approvals.

Deep skills include systems, hardware, software, firmware, and peripherals. The objective of aftermarket support is to lower maintenance costs, ensure availability of spares, ensure repair and overhaul capabilities at short turn around. Some of the aftermarket support activities have been support and maintenance of the international navigation systems (INS), digital video recorders (DVRs) , auto-pilots (APs), service life extension for high fidelity anti-noise cabinets cum display processing units (ANCDPU), indigenization of a high density 4X64 switch matrix card, reverse engineering of obsolete interconnect connectors.

Rossell has capabilities in bringing together its skills in hardware design, mechanical design, displays, wiring, and components to support the requirements of building a range of boxes in the form of panels and racks. Panels, typically used in the cockpit or as junction boxes or break out boxes, may use mechanical parts, PCB’s, switches, relays, active / passive components, PCB’s, illuminated display bezels, internal wiring, connectors, special processes such as bonding, sealing, and special surface finish. Racks may use third party supplied / “commercially off the shelf” (COTS) products, components, systems and sub-systems. Internal wiring may be power, signal, RF, crimped, soldered, wire-wound.

Panels and racks can come in assorted sizes and for varied applications. Racks may be table top mounted or floor mounted or multiple racks concatenated together to form a larger system. End Customers have been Global OEMs in aerospace and defense, space, and Indian defense forces and Indian defense design and development organizations and Indian defense manufacturing organizations.

One of the mainstays of the Rossell portfolio activity in its areas of competencies is in the form of “Build to Print” (BTP) or “Build to Specifications” (BTS) services. It offers a combination of ODM, EMS and CEM services based on customer needs, Rossell undertakes engineering and manufacture of the requested parts, either completely in-house (for interconnect systems or electrical panels or racks or test equipment parts) or in collaboration with approved and qualified partner companies to complete the engineering and manufacturing eco-system . Rossell diligently follows the customer supplied technical package for sourcing, manufacture and test / acceptance. Being a strong engineering entity too, Rossell suggests alternate parts / sources to address cost and lead time issues.

Rossell undertakes comprehensive responsibility for all aspects of the product, including design for maintainability, design for manufacturability (DFX aspects), finite element analysis (FEA), standards selection, and adherences to standards, component selection and sourcing, design, manufacturing collaterals, integration, test and acceptance criteria. The hallmark of Rossell services is its ability to support high product mix, low volume manufacture services.

Rossell supports teaming partnerships that are synergistic, trustworthy, based on a foundation of mutual growth and development, and aimed at the overall benefits of its global customers. In such partnerships, Rossell adopts the strictest philosophy of non-compete for mutually acceptable product lines, platforms, geographies, markets and customers. Many companies seeking to fulfill their offset obligations arising out of sales to India are quite reluctant to let go completely and prefer to retain a major portion of the control in home country fearing Intellectual property infringement, cumbersome and time consuming license approvals in the case of controlled data, suspicion on quality, delivery schedules and total cost of sourcing. Therefore, teaming partnerships motivate them towards controlled sourcing of parts that have never hitherto been sourced outside of home country and offer them the economic benefits apart from any offset benefits.

Rossell has teaming agreements, in the US, with InterConnect wiring ( in Fort Worth, Texas and with Albatross ( in Israel. It also has partnership agreements with Adept Technologies, Huntsville, AL and Avalon technologies Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, for manufacture of detail mechanical parts, sheet metal and other assorted peripherals and with Aviation Technical Services (now ATS), based out of Seattle for after-market and MRO services. Rossell is always looking for such opportunities for teaming agreements/partnership agreements in different countries/ competencies, that ensure a right balance between home country needs, offset obligations, and a willingness to work outside of home country. Fundamental to these teaming agreements is the need to comply with the high standards that Rossell has set for itself in quality, finish and finesse, on-time and on-cost delivery and with Albatross