Skilling Administrator

Role Description:

To train internal and external staff members in the domain of EWIS engineering and manufacturing.


Core Responsibilities:

  • Create assessment tools and records and ensure that assessment is fair, practical and acceptable
  • Manage the learning audience with a balanced EQ.
  • Implement industry standards, best practices within the domain such as IPC 610, 620, J-STD – 001.
  • Collect and analyse data of key performance measures.
  • Plan, Schedule, monitor and control talent development programs, for (a) technical aspects (b) personality aspects
  • Work with an outside eco-system to enhance capacity and capability for teaching in-house.
  • Be a learning partner and ensure that training programs are aligned with business needs of customers, programs, projects and in-house requirements.
  • Coordinate with third-party for external certifications, credits and advancement of formal learning.
  • Participate in audit processes for customer, certifying body and regulatory body.
  • Collaborate with functional team members for cross-functional alignment and identification of skill gaps
  • Set up “on-the-job” training mechanisms and ensure that the rostering and de-rostering process is diligently followed.
  • Maintain Learning and Development records, for past, present and future candidates, attendance rosters, evaluation records, performance improvement records, feedback forms.
  • Drive continuous improvement to enhance training competency.


Educational Qualification:

Graduate or Post Graduate with a technical background (BE/B Tech / ME / M Tech)

Other Requirements:

  • Exhibit significant knowledge on material, tools, processes, techniques, quality practices, ERP / MRP and in QMS, with focus on productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, safety, quality and manufacturing operations hygiene.
  • An expert in teaching pedagogy and be able to hold the attention of the learning audience, especially in the virtual sessions.
  • Ability to “teach” diverse IQ level audience in an effective way. Be familiar with “teaching tools”
  • Ability to create content and be familiar with “content development tools”.


Work experience:

7 to 10 year experience in the domain of Learning and Development / hands-on exposure to Electrical & Electronics manufacturing processes.